3G Problems…What does that mean for the CT Resident?

A lot.

According to WSJ, AT&T users in large cities such as New York and San Francisco are experiencing service problems, but what does that mean for the AT&T smartphone user in CT?

While it seems as though the majority of AT&T services issues are occuring in more populated cities, cellular  service issues over the 3G network that take place anywhere in the tri-state area, especially in New York, effect residents of CT, many of whom work in and commute to New York everyday.

It is becoming increasingly important to depend on Wi-Fi networks for reliability and speed.  Anyone who has been on the Metro North has seen the slew of Smartphone users doing everything from working and emailing to Tweeting and updating their Facebook status to downloading and watching movies and TV shows.  This high rate of data usage is causing AT&T to reconsider their offering of unlimited data usage.

We all know the problem… but what’s the solution?

CT made a step in the direction with the March/ April deployment of Wi-Fi networks in some Fairfield county train stations – thanks to grants pushing towards the improvement of commerce in the area.  This is a welcome addition to the list of Wi-Fi hotspots in CT…. next suggestion: tackle the trains!  The stations are great, but once you have had Internet on the train, it’s hard to image your personal or professional life without it.  The ability for the professional to work quickly and effeciently on the commute to and from work can be invaluable and mean not only increased productivity, but those, once wasted, hours on the train can contribute to the professional getting home to their families and communities sooner.

Of course, for the professional to be able to work adequately, the service connection needs to be high speed broadband and without sluggish data transfer, lost service and drop calls.  Spot On Networks has deployed Cell-Fi , our tradename for the ability to use your Smartphone over Wi-Fi.  This ability allows not only for high speed, uninterrupted data transfer, but depending on the users cellular carrier and whether or not they use Skype, can save the user both data, cellular minutes and international calling fees.  This is a godsend for the Connecticut professional and would be a welcome addition to public transportation.

We’ll keep you updated on Wi-Fi advances to MetroNorth and in the meantime – enjoy your ride!


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