Forget the “creative solutions” for your 3G service – Wi-Fi is the crystal clear answer

I was fascinated when I read this article on the New York Times technology blog describing “creative solutions” to at&t’s ever growing issues with data gridlock on the 3G network.  The blog mentions everything from rearranging furniture to setting up a “phone booth” by the window in an office building so at&t Smartphone users can get better phone reception and less dropped calls.  Currently there are over 200 posts, most with various complaints of at&t cell service in apartments and corporate buildings.  These service issues are being reported all over the U.S., especially in areas such as New York city.  This is especially close to home for Connecticut residents as many of us work in New York offices and experience the at&t dead zones in high rises.

Spot On Networks has come up with a REAL solution: Cell-Fi. Cell-Fi users can use their Smartphones over the Spot On Network for faster data transfer and better coverage throughout all areas of the building/ property.  Wi-Fi for your Smartphone – not just for Internet, but for calls as well.  Some Smartphone users will be able to save cell minutes while making calls over the Wi-Fi network and save big on phone bills and international calling bills.

Read Spot On’s CEO Dick Sherwin discuss why all major cell carriers are going to run into service issues with the ever growing demand put on networks by high data usage and what his solution is.  This post is Mr. Sherwin’s response to the NYT article:

“The difficulties users experience with the iPhone in dense cities populated with large apartment buildings and complexes stem from the physical characteristics of the frequency band utilized to provide voice and data communications. All of the major carriers either are, or will, experience the same problem. Two of your commenters correctly identified solutions — femtocells or the use of T-Mobile’s UMA approach. Both of these options are “indoor” solutions that provide indoor transmission of frequency. However, like any other random solution, as more users select these options, interference will be created within the building. Our company, Spot On Networks, partners with the apartment owners in cities such as New York, to provide an integrated Wi-Fi and cell solution so that users of Smartphones, like the iPhone, not only get decent signal strength, but have much greater capacity for data transmission and surfing without having to purchase a femtocell. As more and more users decide upon the use of Smartphones for both voice and data, we believe that we have developed the right integrated approach to satisfy residents of apartment buildings in dense cities.”


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