International Callers – You must read this!

Many of us in Connecticut, New York and both coasts are making lots of International calls – be it business, family or friends – international calling can be a massive expense.  I just read this article which touches on the benefit to using Skype (to download Skype – click here and click on the Skype logo) overseas to save money on international calling – what about back on the home front?  It applies – big time and it’s almost more important because while many of us travel often – we are typically at home even more and saving money on those international calls is a huge benefit of Cell-Fi technology and a benefit that is catching on FAST!

By downloading Skype onto your Smartphone, you are able to make calls over Wi-Fi networks – thus saving money in two ways: minutes and international calling.  We believe we are at the forefront of this technology.  For residential properties, hotels and industries where Wi-Fi is offered as an amentity – the inclusion of Cell-Fi technology is quickly becoming a must-have.

I wrote about the “Wi-Fi Revolution” in my last post – and forgot to add another benefit – we believe that by using the most up-to-date technology we are able to not only offer freedom from wires, but freedom from the ridiculous amounts of money that we have been forced to spend on information sharing and communication – be that Internet, telephony, etc.  Wi-Fi is Better than Cable.  Better than DSL.  Better than the Cellphone Companies.  The Wi-Fi Revolution is here.


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