What is the “Wi-Fi Revolution”?

At Spot On Networks – we talk about this.  A lot.  What is the “Wi-Fi Revolution”?  Most of us know what Wi-Fi is and it has become an important part of the way that we function in our everyday lives.  A couple of years ago the concept of sitting at your laptop, not wired to an outlet was amazing – then the idea that you could do this in your own home with a personal router was even more liberating – but it’s not enough.  We want more.  Many of us are attached to our laptops, netbooks and Smartphones – the idea that we may loose service, connection or signal at any time is not okay with us.

The “Wi-Fi Revolution” is a new Wi-Fi.  The idea that we always stay connected – Wi-Fi is not just for laptops anymore.  Now, with the development of Cell-Fi technology, we never have to be without service on our Smartphones either.  Wi-Fi is no longer a novelty – it is an expected amenity wherever we are – be it a restaurant, hotel, apartment building, mall, outside, even in a plane: Give Us Our Wi-Fi!

I was listening to an NPR segment yesterday and heard a hilarious guest speaking about in-flight Wi-Fi.  The flight attendants announced “Good News!  We now have in-flight Wi-Fi” and the audience cheered.  The Broadband Properties Wi-Fi Forum speaks in it’s latest post about how in Multi-dwelling units “residents can put up with a lot of things: a leaking toilet, AC being down for a while, no hot water, and yes they are mildly annoyed but as long as they can surf the internet, they cope. BUT if the internet is down or slow, all hell breaks loose.”  Wi-Fi Internet is a part of our daily lives.

The “Wi-Fi Revolution” is about developing the best possible Wi-Fi technology for today.


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