New York passed over for AT&T 3G upgrade

This article looks [sort of] promising: AT&T 3G Network Improves – If you can get a signal and then you read it.

AT&T recently upgraded parts of it’s network to HSPA 7.2 in an effort begin to resolve 3G service issues.  However,neither NYC or the SF Bay area was included in AT&T’s upgrade to HSPA 7.2.  This upgrade is the first piece of what is supposed to be a long awaited solution to the ever increasing problem with AT&T service over the 3G network.  Sounds good, right?  Not if you are living in NYC or the Bay area (two of the cities that have been at the news forefront in regards to AT&T 3G service issues).  That hits pretty close to home for the tri-state area and only further supports our idea that  it’s time to break away from 3G and head towards another solution: Cell-Fi – using your Smartphone over Wi-Fi to both make calls and transfer data (oh yeah, and let’s not forget: to save money).

According to John Stankey, head of AT&T operations, speaking at a Citigroup conference on Jan. 6th,  “density and zoning issues” are behind the decision not to upgrade in NY and SF:

““I thought by the time we’d closed 2009 we would be in a better place in New York City than we were,” Stankey said. “But New York City is a little bit of a different animal and it’s a good example of having to scale in this data environment, where not only do we have a lot of capacity issues to deal with but physically there is network equipment and network elements that are needed to be changed out.”

In addition Stankey stated: “They just flat-out have hit their capacity levels and we have to replace them with new ones. And as a result of that, those transitions and that work has taken us a little bit longer and it’s been a little dicier than what we had hoped it would be.”

So, if you are in the tri-state area holding out for AT&T to solve your 3G service woes (as I am): Don’t hold your breath – the future of 3G in NY, according to Stankey, doesn’t sound so promising!


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