Miami, FL Residents experience poor service on new muni network

I just read an article on Wi-Fi Net News citing the Miami Times as being critical of Miami’s new 5 million dollar network that is intended for both municipal and [free] public use.  The service is said to be “shotty” and the network came at a very high price to tax payers.  In fact the Times article is titled “Why are Miami Beach Taxpayers Spending %5 Million on Wi-Fi That Doesn’t Work?”.  That raises a lot of questions about current technology and the quality of such community networks.  We have become so used to “hyper-speed” Internet, that slow will not do and being offline is simply unacceptable.  On the other hand, who wants to pay the huge cost of cable internet, be wired down and get locked into fine-print contracts?  After all, it seems that we now depend on Internet and information just to get by – that we shouldn’t have to pay a lot to get it and should not have to be tied to desk.

We think we have found an answer.  Residents of Cite and New Wave Condos in Miami – we have a solution for you.  Spot On Networks offers Community-Wide Wi-Fi and Cell-Fi Networks at your complexes for prices as low as $19.99 per month and non-contract plans available as well.


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