Does Apple’s New “iPad” = More Strain on the 3G network??

It’s the ultimate “meeting of the minds” between the iPhone and the laptop and will be usable over Wi-Fi!

Razor  thin at only .5″ and weighing 1.5 pounds, this new device is sure to have the tech-wise lining up.  The real surprise to me was the price – starting at only $499, it would be hard to see how this device would not send the netbook and laptop into orbit.  Read more about the iPad.

What I find myself pondering, is,  will this device [which has the capability of operating over AT&T 3G network exclusively (like the iPhone), put an even greater burden on the already strained 3G network?  We know how much data gridlock is being experienced from Smartphone usage on AT&T’s network.  With even greater capabilities for data transfer, will the iPad completely stress out AT&T’s 3G?  AT&T is planning to offer unlimited data transfer over 3G for $29.99 per month.

Read more about Cell-Fi, Spot On’s solution to data gridlock over the 3G network.


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