Cisco Systems projects massive data surge in the next 5 years…

NYTimes Bits Blog reported on projections from Cisco that “the company expects the volume of mobile data traffic to increase 39 times over the next five years”.  This huge and makes sense as NYT blog goes on to say that there will be around 5 billion devices on mobile networks in the next 5 years.  The Smartphone blew up and, as the cellphone did, has become an everyday device that most of us cannot imagine being without.  Now with the introduction of the iPad and what the tablet market that is sure to follow, we can expect massive traffic that will “guzzle data and consume scarce bandwidth”.

The Cisco report came out on Tuesday and can be viewed here. According to Cisco, in this last year alone, there has been a jump of mobile data usage of 160%.  Relief needs to come for the 3G network and according to the NYT Bits blog “next-generation wireless networks make bandwidth-intensive processes like video streaming speedier” and therefore will allow for more, faster data transfer, like Cell-Fi.


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