iPad use will be primarily over Wi-Fi predicts Reuters

At this point, what we have been saying about the clogging of the 3G network leading to customer dissatisfaction is pretty much standard news.  There seems to be at least a couple of articles a week referencing it.  However, with the release of the iPad set to be soon, and Apple still maintaining their agreement with AT&T, many people are left wondering will people continue to accept the poor service to be able to use their iPad over 3G, will they wait until the end of the exclusivity agreements, or will they begin to forgo the 3G network and use the device primarily over Wi-Fi?

Reuters prediction, according to this article, appears to be the later.  Another issue, (as one of the people commenting on the Reuters article pointed out) is the inability for the iPad to tether to the iPhone, which would result in people who use both devices needing to have two separate subscriptions and therefore, two separate service contracts (not a prospect that seems to thrill many people).  Contracts aside, the service is the main issue and it seems as though the general buzz is leaning towards the iPad being a device made for Wi-Fi and Cell-Fi.


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