Steve Jobs: Why are you sticking with AT&T?

After writing the post below and going over the onslaught of news articles complaining about clogging of the 3G network and the benefits of Wi-Fi for data devices, etc, etc… I found myself simply asking, why this move by Apple – why continue your exclusivity agreement with AT&T, why not at least add on Verizon.  This was a move that had blogs and news outlets buzzing the day the iPad was unveiled.  Here are some of Forbes’ reasons for the continued agreement:

“1. the desire for both companies to preserve their alliance

2. AT&T’s Wi-Fi assets

3. network readiness”

Personally, that seems like an odd list to me because:

1. Why maintain a sole alliance with a company that is hurting your product name (why not just expand your alliances)

2. Ok… at least they are seeing Wi-Fi and Cell-Fi as the solution here

3. Network readiness?  Isn’t that exactly what everyone is complaining about

This article from AppleInsider goes into a little more detail describing Apple’s view of AT&T as “a great partner” and commends AT&T’s acknowledgement of service issues.  That make’s a little more sense, but basically I am left even more confused than I was before, any ideas?


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