iPad pre-order sales rumored to top 120,000 on day 1!

Looks like the iPad is going to be pretty hot stuff – several technology news outlets are projecting first day pre-order sales to exceed 120,000 (not including in-store reserves).  This number would make the iPad the most successful “e-reader” launch to date.  It appears that, despite complaints on everything from the name of the device to Apple’s decision to remain soley on AT&T’s 3G, the iPad is going to be nothing short of the hottest device on the market.

As most all of know, AT&T appears to be marketing the iPad as a device intended primarily for Wi-Fi – with 3G being almost the back-up option.  This is evident from 3G plan details emerging that say the ability to activate your 3G account, upgrade it or shut if off will be handled from the iPad, itself – thus, putting more of the service aspect of the 3G hands on Apple than on AT&T.


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