Preview an interactive magazine on the iPad

I ran into two examples of what an interactive magazine will look like on the ipad.  The first, courtesy of the NYT, is an example of VIVmag (currently a digital magazine) – it can be seen here. The second example, which I find to be a bit more manageable, a preview of Wired’s digital mag, can be seen here.  They are both interesting examples and both appear very different.  The Wired version seems much more similar to a traditional magazine (obviously save from the zooming in, clicking links and lack of effort to turn a page).  TheVIVmag version seems more like a movie – offering less control: less time reading articles and more time watching graphic animation.  Either way, it will be interesting to all of the different digital magazines that will created for the iPad – I suspect we are going to be seeing some very cool things happening after the early April release – similar to the onslaught of apps that appeared with the iPhone.


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