10 Smartphones certified for 802.11n Wi-Fi

I wrote below about the exciting news that 500 million Wi-Fi enabled Smartphones are predicted to ship in 2014.  Fierce Wireless goes further mentioning the impressive statistics that 500 million smartphones will have on the market share. According to Sarah Morris, senior marketing manager for the WiFi Alliance, that number will make up about 90 of Smartphone models. Currently, about 50% of Smartphones come with Wi-Fi technology enabled – so the growth in Wi-Fi enabled Smartphones is going to be nothing less that huge.
10 Smartphone have already been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance to come enabled with 802.11n. The 802.11n will offer significant improvements over 802.11b/g, including faster speeds and better range. If you are not yet familiar with the improvements to 802.11n over 802.11b/g click here).  According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, the implementation of 802.11n in Smartphones will mean that “generally 802.11n devices should deliver about five times the data rate and up to twice the range of older WiFi standards”, according to this Fierce Wireless article.
The 10 Smartphones certified for the 802.11n include 6 from Samsung and 4 from LG.


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