iPhone app shakes up the cellular industry!

Now if this isn’t telling of the consumer’s frustration with the AT&T cellular network, what is?  It’s an iPhone app by the Toktumi (talk-to-me…clever, huh?), it’s called “Line2” and it only costs $1.oo.  This app gives the user a new phone number, complete with contacts and voicemail, and allows the user to make calls over the Wi-Fi network.  It’s like using Skype, but even less expensive!  So basically you can use your beloved iPhone where the “Phone” in iPhone works the worst – inside.  Not only does Line2 allow the iPhone user to create a second phone line, but it can even turn an iPod Touch into a phone!

This New York Times articles is busting open the solution we have been talking about for a long time: Cell-Fi™! The cellular network is quickly becoming obsolete – a Smartphone user no longer needs to worry about going over their minutes, paying large monthly fees for unlimited voice and data (not to mention the contract, complete with ETF).  A Smartphone user can go with the lowest cellular plan, as a back up, and use their Smartphone over Wi-Fi.  For Smartphone users who would like to forget about having a landline, but are wary due to poor cellular service in their home or apartment – they have the ability to use their Smartphone with crystal clear service inside, over the Wi-Fi network.

Read the NYT article.


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