So, AT&T, THIS is you answer? Better service within reach – for a price…

I could not help but laugh at the image this image that appeared in this New York Times article.

Image courtesy of New York Times/ Illustration by Nick Bilton

We blogged about an article written a couple of months back where Nick Bilton suggested “AT&T” phone booths so that AT&T users could make calls inside or at the office, instead of all being huddled by the window, trying to catch a signal.  The above is his illustration,  pretty funny and dead-on, because all in all, AT&T seems bent on holding back technology – not going forward, especially with their supposed “answer” to their major service issues: 3G Microcell.  So, here is how it works: for a one-time fee (of course) of $150.00 you get this thing that looks like a cable modem, is portable and can allow up to 10 AT&T phones to get 3G signal (four at once) – the devices covers 5000 sq. ft.  For $20 you can get unlimited calling on Microcell.  Let’s stop right there.  So basically I can BUY (and not cheaply) better 3G coverage from the company that I buy my 3G coverage from right now.  Wow.

This is a bandaid, if I ever saw one – and with so many unanswered questions – 3G is the problem here, not the solution – spotty service, dropped calls, very slow data transfer – sure, maybe at least I can now pay to have bars in my home or office, but I will still experience all of the 3G problems that I get when I have 5 bars.  In fact, more people on the network = more data gridlock for 3G.  The answer here, is simply, calling over Wi-Fi (Cell-Fi™) for very minimal cost or even free in some areas, you can use your smartphone over Wi-Fi and completely forgo the 3G network when you are able to access Wi-Fi.

Spot On saw this problem coming a long time ago.  Residents were unable to use their phones at all in their own apartments and condos, business owners could not connect in their office, etc, etc.  We developed Cell-Fi™ as a solution for them to save money (forgo the unlimited data and use 3G as a backup while on the go and Wi-Fi from home/ office), save minutes (forgo the expensive minute plans and save minutes over Wi-Fi) and experience better call clarity and no dropped calls.  It’s all a part of The Wi-Fi Revolution.™ The cellular industry can put as many bandaids on the failing 3G network as they want, but the solution is obvious: it’s Wi-Fi.

AT&T Microcell, image courtesy of The New York Times


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2 Responses to “So, AT&T, THIS is you answer? Better service within reach – for a price…”

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