The Wi-Fi Revolution… it’s not just for internet

One of my favorite benefits of using Wi-Fi in my home is having the ability to stream my Netflix movies to my TV.  I go on my laptop, add a bunch of movies to my queue and then they are up on my big screen TV, thanks to Wi-Fi.  So, I was more than thrilled to read in The Washington Post about the Netflix app for the iPad (which some thought to be only rumor), which is free and allows the user to watch  streaming movies and TV shows over Wi-Fi on the iPad.

I’m calling this a “huge deal”.  People are simply fed up with the insane amounts of money that they pay to stay connected.  If you add up landline phone, cellphone, cable, movie channels and cable or DSL internet service together – you are talking about hundreds of dollars in monthly bills, sketchy service contracts and in many cases less than stellar service (think 3G).

Here comes The Wi-Fi Revolution™!  People now have a choice – they can have the best in internet technology, clear VoIP calling, Cell-Fi™ (cellphone over Wi-Fi) movies, TV, etc. are all made possible at a reasonable cost to the public, thanks to Wi-Fi.  Cellular, cable, DSL, etc – these technologies are becoming obsolete – the public is simply not willing to pay ridiculous prices for connectivity.  It’s The Wi-Fi Revolution™ -a revolution in the way we think, the way we communicate and the way in which we connect to one and other – not to mention how much we are willing to pay for it.  Thanks to the Netflix app, users will now have access to over 20,000 movies, TV shows, etc.  So, drop those Cable movie channels – and get on that Wi-Fi!


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