iPad Wi-Fi connection issues – the first iPad bugs being reported

I must say, I am craving for some Wi-Fi news that does not involve the iPad, however the large amounts of bugs that are already being reported with the iPad’s Wi-Fi connection is certainly newsworthy.  It appears as though when viewing available Wi-Fi networks iPad users will report very weak connections compared to other wireless device users who report very strong Wi-Fi signals.  There also appears to be an issue with dropping Wi-Fi connections – and then when the user goes to re-enter the Wi-Fi network password – they are unable to access the network.  Fixes for this include disabling and enabling Wi-Fi or needing to reboot the iPad (yuck – we don’t like that idea!)  Other suggestions being posted on support forums (including Apple’s) include unsecuring your network (we don’t like that idea either).  Also, setting your Wi-Fi router to “G” mode only, instead of “B” or “mixed” mode (thanks readwriteweb.com).

This ReadWriteWeb article talks about the bug(S) that are being reported and mentions that a lot of Wi-Fi connection issues are being reported with Verizon FiOS, however I tend to agree with the author of the article, that while it would be typical of a large corporation to “gloss over” any known issues with accessing their network, this Wi-Fi connection bug is similar to reports of what occured with the iPhone OS when trying to access Wi-Fi networks.  That being said, the issue does appear to be on Apple’s end.


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