AT&T MicroCell – NYT refers to an “insulting” solution

As we reported not long ago, there is an element of ridiculousness to the AT&T “MicroCells”.  While the femtocell solution is available to help AT&T customers who are experiencing poor service over the 3G network, the solution does not come without a $130 dollar price tag (plus minute usage and the option of paying for another plan).   NYT writer,  Matt Richtel refers, in his article, to one consumer who who states that having to pay more to properly use the service that she already pays for as “insulting”.  The AT&T customer and iPhone user goes on to state in the NYT article:

“They want to find a new way to make money off me, versus actually servicing me for the money I pay already…they’re trying to find a way to profit from their weakness.”

We feel the same way.  Next week will be putting up some videos that will show you the Cell-Fi™ solution on your smartphone.  Cell-Fi™ (using your smartphone over Wi-Fi) will save you money, save you minutes and allow you to forgo the 3G network entirely for better call clarity and faster data transfer.  It’s The Wi-Fi Revolution™!

Learn more about Cell-Fi™ or call us for more information: 877-768-6687.
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