Internet More Important Than TV (well, I could’ve told you that!)

According to, a study was conducted trying to determine which technology people would be more willing to do without: TV or Internet. The study found that “forty-nine percent of consumers confronted with a choice of never again watching television or never again accessing the Internet chose to eliminate TV while 48 percent said they would get rid of the Internet. The remaining three percent were undecided” (fiercecable).
Frankly, I’m surprised it was so close. It is interesting to note, however, that in 2001 72% of people preferred to go Internet free. Shocking statistic? – absolutely not. I predict cable TV as we know it will become obsolete. Currently I watch television shows over Wi-Fi (commercial-free, I might add) and Netflix my movies to my big screen TV, via Wi-Fi. So, of course, Internet is more important than TV – my Internet provides me with everything my TV does (and does it better) – while cable television is expensive, full of commercials and I can’t pick what I want to watch whenever I want to watch it.
Case in point – TV is just for the big screen. Cable TV = worthless.


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