iPad is a Top 5 device and a data hog!

It comes as no surprise that the iPad (despite the early reports of Wi-Fi connection issues) has become the 5th most popular mobile device on the market.  According to Mike Melanson of RWW, the iPad is in 5th place for unique users after the iPhone, iPod Touch, SymbianOS and the Droid.  This data comes from MeFeedia which also claims that iPad users are watching 2.5X more video and 3X longer than on any other mobile device!  Here are some stats from McFeedia:

  • iPad is now the 5th most popular mobile device* *In terms of unique users, trailing only iPhone, iPod Touch, SymbianOS, and Android (in that order)
  • iPad users consume 3X as many videos as web users (up from the 2.5X number that we first reported a few weeks ago)
  • iPad users spend 4X as long watching videos as web users (up from 3X)
  • iPad users consume 5X as many videos as iPhone users (up from 3X)

It is certainly my experience that when on the iPad I find myself just watching videos and surfing the web – nothing really gets accomplished.  As Mike Melansson said in his RWW article: “the iPad makes a great media consumption (rather than creation) device”.  The screen size is great and the picture so clear and beautiful that the iPad seems to be a device made for just observing and manipulating the screen with your fingers – really there is not much else to do.  Plus, with the new Netflix app we mentioned a few weeks ago – of course people are going to be watching more video – they have their Netflix account always at their fingertips.  Still the stats are impressive.

What makes the video stats the most impressive, in my opinion, that the device is entirely a Wi-Fi device.  The 3G version of the device does not come out until May 7.  So, this new data says two things: a) people are existing only off of Wi-Fi networks (as I have predicted the 3G network is becoming more and more obsolete) and b) they are doing it quite contentedly as is evident from the data traffic.  With over 1 million iPads sold in 3 weeks – the consumer clearly does not feel limited by owning a Wi-Fi only device.


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