Hotel demand for Wi-Fi amentity increases

According to HotelChatter’s sixth “Annual Hotel WiFi Report”:

A growing number of hotel guests not only demand the hotel they book have properter wireless access but most will consider *not* staying at a hotel that can’t meet their basic access needs.  That’s right, WiFi is a make or break amentity for many hotel guests that can sway booking decisions – and it isn’t going away.

HotelChatter admitted to predicting a decrease in the demand for Hotel Wi-Fi access as an amentity – the article said that faith in the 3G network as a replacement to Wi-Fi was their main reasoning.  We have been reporting on the failings (data gridlock) of the 3G networks for months now and the Cell-Fi™ solution.  HotelChatter has caught on:

…it seems that the cellular networks are woefully unprepared for all the Foursquaring, Twittering, Facebooking, Tumblring and old-school emailing that we need to do.

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also brings up the iPad and it’s focus on Wi-Fi connectivity as proof that the 3G networks are becoming obsolete.  We agree.  As we recently reported the immediate popularity of the iPad and McFeedia reporting that the iPad is already the “5th most popular mobile device, trailing only iPhone, iPad Touch, SymbianOS and Android”.  Users no long even need to have access to 3G, so much so, in fact, that Apple released a groundbreaking device without 3G capability.  What is more telling than that?

HotelChatter’s list of Best and Worst Hotel Wi-Fi Networks.

Learn how Wi-Fi as an amentity can increase penetration at your hotel, apartment, student housing complex, etc.


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