Wi-Fi Internet access is a “must have” hotel amentity

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Similary to what we reported last week, (HotelChatter’s 6th Annual Wi-Fi Report) The New York Times’ Joe Sharkey reported on the importance of Wi-Fi as a hotel amenity.  Sharkey got this quote from Yael Smadja, President of Smadja & Associates USA on the importance of Wi-Fi Internet and wireless access in hotels:

Reliable Wi-Fi service is absolutely critical for me. I have come to expect it as naturally as a telephone in the room.

Sharkey gets it right when he states that Wi-Fi Internet, Wi-Fi access and wireless service for all Wi-Fi enabled devices, including smartphones and cellphones is “non-negotiable” and “that business travelers require Wi-Fi access — no excuses accepted”.  Not only does Sharkey stress the importance of Wi-Fi access as a hotel amentity, but he also gets it right when he speaks of the consumers expectation that Wi-Fi access should be free to hotel guests.

As the article states, many four-star and up hotels are still charging for Wi-Fi Internet access, but they are undoubtedly behind the times.  There is a lot that wireless internet represents – total portability, faster speeds, etc., but I think that Wi-Fi represents a sort of connectivity rebellion to the current device-dependent generation.  Basically: “I don’t have to use your cable company, cell phone company, etc, if I don’t want to”. Wi-Fi access allows me to break away from all of that.  Connectivity is no longer a privilege, many view it as a right – in the same way that I expect to have an iron in my hotel closet – I expect to have the wireless access in my hotel room.  And, I am not the only one.  As the NYT article states:

In an online survey in late April by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives, 80 percent of travel managers said that Wi-Fi availability was a “deal-maker/breaker” in deciding which hotels to select. Long gone are the days when a business hotel could shrug off a shaky, or even nonexistent, connection. “Providing Wi-Fi isn’t an option, it’s a requirement,” said Richard Crum, the president of the Association of Corporate Travel Executives.

Some hotel owners (especially during the recession) are leary of letting go of the revenue that is brought in by charging their guests for Wi-Fi Internet access, but with the world’s increasing dependency on accessible mobility (which means NOT having to plug your laptop into a port and not having to deal with the inconvenience of paying for access), is it really worth the loss and irritation of guests?

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