Broadband in demand in the U.S.

The near economic collapse and recession that took place in late 2008/2009 resulted in a sharp decline in the demand for broadband.  Not only was the need for broadband down, but consumers saw communications as an area that could be cut back on to save money.  Come 2010 and things appear to be on the up and ups.  Jobs are being created, houses are being built/ sold again and broadband is back in demand.  According to the New York Times,

Demand for new broadband connections jumped during the first quarter of 2010, reversing what was a long slide in 2009, according to a new report by Durham, N.H.-based Leichtman Research.

Liechtman has posted that 1.4 Million have added broadband in the first quarter.  According to Liechtman:

  • The top cable companies added over 915,000 subscribers, representing 65% of the net broadband additions for the quarter versus the top telephone companies
  • Overall, broadband additions in 1Q 2010 amounted to 86% of those in 1Q 2009 — with cable having 108% as many additions as a year ago, and Telcos 63% as many additions as a year ago
  • The top cable broadband providers have a 55% share of the overall market, with a 7.3 million subscriber advantage over the top telephone companies — compared to 6.4 million a year ago

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