New Droid features leak… Code Name: FroYo

Googles’ new Android Operating System 2.2 will be released later this month, but feature details are already being leaked.  Of most interest to us, the new Droid OS (code name: FroYo – think: the dessert) will be able to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot for Wi-Fi devices and tether via USB.   This is a feature that AT&T does not currently allow for the iPhone.  So, if Google is able to find a carrier that will make this happen it will be a huge bonus for the Android.  The other obvious bonus will be the Android’s ability to offer full Adobe Flash support – a feature that users have been pressing Apple for and a feature that Apple continues to leave out. Lastly, is reporting that Droid users will be able to save apps on a memory card as opposed to storing them all on their phone.

These potential features have the ability to give Google’s Droid a big advantage over the iPhone in the eyes of the consumer. is reporting “performance improvements of up to 450 per cent over Android 2.1”.  You can visit for alleged testing of the new smartphone.


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