Starbucks to offer Free Wi-Fi at all locations

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Beginning on July 1st, Starbucks will be offering Wi-Fi as a free amenity at all Starbucks owned stores (this does not include affilate stores – like the one you would find in Target, for example).

Currently, Starbucks offers Wi-Fi in their stores, however you must register your Starbucks card, create a user name and password and then you can receive 2 consecutive hours of complimentary Wi-Fi from AT&T.  Read more about the changes that Starbucks is making to their Wi-Fi business model, including access to news content such as Zagats and The Wall Street Journal.

Complimentary Wi-Fi access is now more important than ever.  With the major cellular companies no longer offering unlimited data on their service plans, offloading data is essential to a user’s connectivity and will become even more-so, as data usage will only go up in the future.  Not to mention- some applications for devices, such as the iPad, are designed ONLY for operation over Wi-Fi, as designers have found 3G to slow and unreliable.

These changes show that Starbucks “gets it” on a few levels.  Consumers are begining to expect Wi-Fi service as a free amenity.  Wi-Fi is kind of like the “rebel service” – it gives us the power to remain connected, while forgoing the phone company, the cable company, etc.  Starbucks must have come to realize that if I can’t sit in a Starbucks and access free Wi-Fi in a simple, non-intrusive manner, then I can always scoot over to McDonalds, use their Free Wi-Fi, and grab a coffee there (their coffee is surprisingly good).

It’s not only the “free” that people expect – but they don’t want to have to register a card, provide their personal information and have a restriction on their usage.  So, for a company that thrives on customers not only coming in for coffee, but coming in, sitting down and having that “home-away-from-home” experience, Wi-Fi as a free amenity is a necessity, at this point.

Spot On Networks has long understood the importance of Wi-Fi as an amenity to restaurants, hotels, apartment buildings and condo complexes.  Spot On Networks has contracted with residential property developers throughout the United States to provide managed High-Speed Wireless Internet Access in residential multi-family dwelling complexes, hotels, restaurants, etc.  This makes us the largest provider of high speed Wi-Fi internet to the United States multi-family housing market.  Need information about deploying a custom Wi-Fi network at your property?  Click here.


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