Secure WiFi is a MUST for Hotels & Multifamily Properties

On November 25, 2012 The Wall Street Journal published an article (referenced below) speaking of how police were able to find a man suspected of downloading child pornography  because he was using an unsecured network.  Ultimately,  part of the decision written by Judge Conti stated  “An internet subscriber does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in his IP address or the information he provides to his Internet Service Provider, such as Comcast, in order to legally establish an internet connection, and likewise , a person connecting to another person’s wireless router does not have an expectation of privacy in that connection”.

A main technological concern for multifamily properties and hotel owners needs to be the security of their WiFi network.  When a property provides WiFi they become an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and are thus responsible for the Internet they provider.  Multifamily properties and hotels can lessen the burden by using a managed, secure and CALEA compliant WiFi provider to handle their network for them.

The WSJ article quotes numbers from a 2011 poll conducted by Wakefield Research and the trade association Wi-Fi Alliance that “32% of respondents said they had tried to get on a wireless nework that wasn’t theirs”.   Apartment buildings, shops, hotels, private homes, offices, etc. etc. are operating unsecured networks and leaving their residents, guests and patrons vulnerable to hacking and identity theft.  It is critical, now more than ever, that residential properties, hotels and business provide secure Wi-Fi at their locations.  It is equally important that Wi-Fi network users are aware of the type of network that they are on, whether secured or unsecured, and the level of privacy and security that the network provides.

Hotels and multifamily properties can opt to provide their buildlings with a UserSafe™ WiFi network as opposed to an “open” network.  A UserSafe™ network guards users from hacking and identity theft, ensures privacy and is CALEA compliant.  CALEA compliance takes the WiFi network responsibility from the property by incorporating a full network management aspect.

Wall Street Journal Article:


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