Conquering Compromised Connectivity in Eco-Conscious Construction

As the world-wide Green Movement marches on, it appears there are an increasing number of hurdles to overcome regarding technology, and how to successfully mesh the two. The majority of new construction involves “LEED Certified” building materials, which, unfortunately, have a tricky way of dulling cellular service within the building to a minimum.

Even if your building has managed to dodge the common cell service bullets, such as distant cell towers, uncooperative topography, or an overabundance of neighboring structures, using responsible, Eco-friendly materials may hamper you, service-wise, in the long run. As this issues becomes more and more prevalent, many building owners are searching frantically for a resolution.

Currently there are few options on the market which increase cellular service within a building, most of which are extremely inefficient cost-wise, and will most likely be outdated in just a couple years. One such example is a DAS System, or a Distributed Antennae System, which requires rigorous installation, and can cost on average $2 per square foot–which, as you can imagine,  adds up very quickly in large, multi-unit construction.

Luckily, there are more time efficient and cost effective solutions available. Systems such as CellBoost, recently introduced by Spot On Networks, are easily and quickly installed, extremely reliable, and a fraction of the cost of a DAS system, at only $ .15 – $ .45 a square foot. CellBoost maximizes data and voice coverage and minimizes the cost of providing these services by boosting the signal received outdoors, so that the signal strength indoors is amplified. The implementation of a WiFi network in addition to the booster system provides connectivity and increased capacity for users of data-driven devices, while simultaneously providing coverage for voice services. Problem solved.


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