What’s CALEA all about?

CALEA: It’s an important topic. You may have heard about it and are wondering what old phone taps have to do with Wi-Fi.    The Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act was passed in 1994.  Simply, and for the technologically faint-of-heart, the CALEA act requires that goverment agencies have access to tapping your phone (*yikes*, right?).  Well, enter the digital age.  In 2004, those agencies began to realize that traditional phone tapping methods were more difficult, expensive and sometimes not even possible with digital communications.  In 2005, the government began to include “communications that pass over the internet” as subject to tapping.

If you own or manage a hotel, restaurant, condo complex, etc. and provide Wi-Fi – you MUST read this! Having a network on your property that is CALEA compliant can save you time, money and a lot of aggravation.  If your not providing you Wi-Fi as amenity – you should!  Wi-Fi (especially with the Smartphone revolution) is quickly becoming the most important amenitity to have…anywhere.   Find out more.

Learn more about CALEA from Oliver Oetter here.


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